Do Bats Belong in the Family of Rodents?

With their round ears and their fuzzy nose, people will usually think that the bats belong in the family of the rodents. However, you will be surprised to know that they are not even related with the rodents. The bats generally belong in the Chiroptera order. In the event that the total number of bats and rodents are combined, they will make up half of the mammal population.

The Bats: Flying Rats that are Not Rodents
While most people will refer to the bats as flying rats due to their appearance that resembles a rat, technically, bats are not categorized under the family of rodents. Originally, the bats were thought to be associated with the tree shrews and the flying lemurs. However, according to the most recent studies, it was discovered that the bats belong to the Laurasiatheria group.

Understanding the Evolution of Bats
There is a little fossil evidence that will allow us to determine the evolution of the Anaheim bats. This is perhaps because the bats will not fossilize well due to their delicate bones. Fortunately, they were able to recover tooth that dates back to the Late Cretaceous which resembles the early type of microchiropteran bat. Most of the fossils that were discovered already resemble the bones of the modern bats of today. This makes it difficult for the expert to discern if they are associated with the rodents. Nonetheless, while it is impossible to tell all of the things about rats and bats relation, it has also been uncovered that they are not closely related.

Chiroptera Order
Before they were placed in the order of Chiroptera, they were previously thought to be related to the primates like humans. However, with the advancement on the genome analysis, they have been classified under the order of whales and pangolins. Bats do not have a continuously growing incisor that is an inherent characteristic of the rodent.

Are California Bats Vermin?
Based on its definition, the vermin is described as small, disgusting, and objectionable animal such as cockroaches, rats, mice, fleas, lice, and bedbugs. These creatures will prove to be challenging to control and they also serve as prey on sports. Technically, bats are not considered as vermin and the damages from them should be included in your house insurance policy. Nonetheless, you should still talk to your agent and confirm the coverage of your policy before you sign the contract. While they can sometimes be a nuisance, they have the ability to reduce the population of harmful insects and mosquitoes. They also ensure that the quality of the air is outstanding and that the ecological health is balanced.

Damages caused by Anaheim rodents are not covered under the insurance policy. Since the bats do not belong in the family of rodents, it should be expected that you will be getting remuneration from the damages caused by the bats. Nonetheless, in order for the damages to be covered, you will have to prove that the damages are not caused by ongoing infestation.

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