Please be aware that each job is different, depending on the type of animals involved, the damage the animals may have caused, etc. To get a more exact price estimate, just give us a call at 562-219-2129 and describe your problem. We will be happy to give you a more exact price over the phone.

Small Jobs: This could be a one-stop trip such as to remove a dead animal or snake in the house. $100-$200 range

Medium Jobs: This could be a multi-stop project involving setting traps, making small repairs, etc. $200-$400 range

Large Jobs: This could mean several service visits with full home and attic inspection, the removal of multiple animals, complex repairs, attic cleanup, etc. $400 +

Our over ten years of experience has taught us that a great deal of the damage that wild animals cause to your property is not immediately obvious, particularly if it takes place in the walls or attic. You will not notice that rodents chewed your electrical wires, creating a fire hazard, unless you come across the wires in question. You will not be aware that a wild animal spread a disease like Leptospirosis, Salmonella, or Histoplasmosis to you or your family until you begin showing symptoms. It is also very common for attic-dwelling critters, like squirrels, bats, raccoons, and rats, to leave behind urine and droppings, leading to odors and/or mold problems. Other animals, such as squirrels, moles, and groundhogs, can cause more visible damage to the exterior of your property by digging up your garden or landscaping. We can assist you with animal removal in all of these situations to minimize the problems. Our team also offers emergency snake removal 24/7. Thanks to our training, experience, and tools, we are able to safely remove every snake species within the state. We can also identify the species for you and let you know whether it is venomous. Our services also extend to removing dead animals, whether inside or outside your building, and controlling animal-related odors.