What Are the Common Problems That Pigeons or Other Birds Cause?

Anaheim Pigeons have completely become dependent on the human race. You will normally see them in the city due to the plenty of water and food source. There are not a lot of predators in the area and there are lots of structures where they can roost. The structure of our houses is the ideal alternative for the ledges that are found in the wild.

Different Problems Caused by California Pigeons
While the living condition in the urban areas is ideal for the pigeon, they can also be blamed for the damages that amount to millions of dollars. Their nesting materials as well as the accumulated droppings can lead to a serious condition if not addressed appropriately. Some of the usual damages that the pigeons can cause are as follows.

Roof Damages
The dropping of the birds contain an increased acid content. This can corrode metals if the droppings are left for a significant amount of time. It can affect the condition of our roofing materials that can result to leak that leads to water damages. There are also cases when the roof has collapsed because of the large accumulation of bird droppings. It is common for the birds to build their nest on the drains, corner and roof gutters. This will serve as a blockage that can end to the accumulation of water.

Machinery Damage
The acidic droppings of the Anaheim pigeon are also responsible for the millions of damages in machineries. The acid content can destroy the sidings, insulation, air conditioning unit, and industrial machineries. The hazards increase if damage happens on the machinery.

Health Risks
The pigeons can carry more than 60 types of zoonotic diseases and most of them can be fatal if not addressed immediately. Some samples of diseases that can be transmitted to humans are enumerated below.

Histoplasmosis- This is an infection that is caused by the fungal spores found in the dropping and nesting materials of the bird. It can also thrive on the soils where traces of pigeon’s droppings can be found. This can be dangerous and fatal to those who have weak immune system.

Candidiasis- Another type of fungal infection that can be transmitted to humans. Most of the areas affected by this infection include the throat and the mouth. It may also attack the respiratory system, urogenital tract, intestines, and the skin.

Cryptococcosis- A type of fungal infection that are commonly carried by the pigeons. Compared to Candidiasis and Histoplasmosis, disease transmission of cryptococcosis is relatively rare. This typically targets our nervous system and the lungs.

Psittacosis- This is also referred to as Parrot Fever. Apart from the pigeons, other type of pet birds can carry this disease.

With the different dangers caused by the pigeons, it is essential that we find a solution to our bird infestation problem immediately. Install some deterrents in your house and make sure that it is bird proof to minimize the possible damages of the birds.

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